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About Mapping Fields
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About Mapping Fields

When building a Shared Shelf project, the custom fields that you can create in the project for cataloging do not directly correlate to the fields visible for publishing. After the publishing target is created, you must map the Shared Shelf fields for publishing to the end-user collection. There are a multitude of ways that fields can map, but Artstor uses 29 fields that come standard for Artstor Workspace and Shared Shelf Commons publishing targets. Of those 29 fields, 4 are also used for advanced searching and filtering in these end-user environments, and can really boost your collection’s discovery among users. The following table shows the Shared Shelf Standard Template field labels and the suggested map for creating a display record in the Artstor Workspace.

Shared Shelf Default Fields Artstor Workspace Display Fields
Creator Map to Creator
Culture Map to Culture
Title Map to Title
Image View Description Map to second line in Title
Image View Type Map to third line in Title
Date Map to Date
Artstor Earliest Date1 Map to Date.Earliest
(Does not display in Artstor – used for advanced searching and filtering only)
Artstor Latest Date Map to Date.Latest
(Does not display in Artstor – used for advanced searching and filtering only)
Style/Period Map to Style_Period
Materials/Techniques Map to Material
Measurements Map to Measurement
Artstor Classification Map to ArtstorBrowseClass
(Does not display in Artstor – used for sorting and searching only)
Work Type Map to Type
Repository Map to Location.Current_Repository
Repository Accession Number Map to ID_Number.Current_Repository
Location Map to Location
Creation/Discovery Site Map to Location
prefix with “Creation Site:”
Latitude Map to Location
prefix with”Latitude:”
Longitude Map to Location
prefix with”Longitude:”
Elevation Map to Location
prefix with “Alt:”
Artstor Country Map to Artstor Browse Geography
(Does not display in Artstor – used for advanced searching and filtering only)
Description Map to Description
Subject Map to Subject
Relationships Map to Related item
Source Map to Source
Image Date Map to second line of Date
prefix with “Image:”
ID Number Map to ID_Number
Rights Map to Rights

Manage Mappings

The mapping of fields will vary by project and by publishing target type. Regardless of the target type, in order for your custom fields to display in the user end-environment, they need to be mapped to either a Default Field or the KVP field. Though field labels may be customized in Shared Shelf, it is not currently possible to customize the display of default labels in the publishing targets. You can, however, add prefix text (such as “Architect: “) or map custom fields to be displayable or searchable upon publishing by using the KVP (key value pairs) field. Any fields that are not mapped will not appear in the end-user environment.

To map your fields:

  1. In the Targets tab, select the target collection name, then click Manage Mappings.
  2. In the dialog window, the top portion of the box will be the Target Fields, the list of default fields used for publishing. Scroll down the list to see an Unmapped folder and list of fields ready to be mapped.
  3. From the unmapped fields list, grab the green icon with your cursor to drag and drop the unmapped field onto the corresponding target field at top for mapping.
  4. Repeat until all desired fields are mapped for publishing. (See below for a suggested arrangement on how the mappings should match.)
  5. Once you have dragged and dropped your mappings, click Save.




Manage Mappings Full List



When mapping fields, it’s always important that you save the mappings first, then go back to edit the prefixes, displayable, searchable, and required fields after. Otherwise, making changes to mappings and prefixes, etc., at once will not successfully save.

To add prefixes, or change the displayable, searchable, and required settings:

  1. After the fields have been mapped and saved, re-open the Manage Mappings window.
  2. Double click on the desired field to open the edit window.
    • In this dialog window, you may enter a prefix which will appear as part of the field label. Include a space after the prefix to add a space between the prefix and the displayed data, e.g. “Longitude: 30°E” instead of “Longitude:30°E”.
    • The Displayable checkbox impacts whether the field is displayed among the data in the Artstor Workspace or Shared Shelf Commons.
    • The Searchable checkbox impacts whether the field content is searchable in the Artstor Workspace or Shared Shelf Commons.
    • The Required checkbox impacts whether catalogers can publish a record with data missing from a particular field.

Map Artstor Facets

Of the 29 target fields available in the map, 4 of those fields are used in the advanced search and filtering options on the Artstor Workspace and Shared Shelf Commons. It is important that the Artstor Classification, Country, Earliest Date, and Latest Date fields are mapped to the correct target fields in order to enable these functionalities. Please adhere to the following mapping for these fields:

Map Country field to ARTstorBrowseGeography

Map ARTstor Classification field to ARTstorBrowseClass

Map ARTstor Earliest Date to Date.Earliest

Map ARTstor latest Date to Date.Latest