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Artstor Workspace and Personal Collections
Shared Shelf Commons

Publishing your Shared Shelf content allows it to be accessed by users in several different platforms. How the media can be used and how the data is viewable varies across publishing environments. The chart below distinguishes the available features for each environment. For more information on how to set up publishing to these environments, please see the Shared Shelf Administrative Tools section.

Artstor Workspace Collection Artstor Personal Collections Shared Shelf Commons Omeka OAI DPLA
Open access content
Customizeable site interface
Institution restricted access to content
Aggregate searching across multiple collections
Download content
Audio/Video playback support
IIIF viewer
Create image groups & share them via URL
Share folders & image groups
Annotate content & share notes
Share content via URL
Bulk export content to PowerPoint

Artstor Workspace and Personal Collections

The Artstor Workspace (AWS) is where your content will mingle with content from the Artstor Digital Library. Artstor specific fields help this content become searchable and discoverable in this environment. Publishing to this target is done by checking the box when selecting destination targets. Your institution’s users can access this content freely from on-campus, and with a user account when off-campus in order to organize and export this content. You also have the option of publishing your content to a Personal Collection within the Artstor Workspace.

Personal Collections can be used as a way for faculty to manage their own collections on both Shared Shelf and the Artstor Workspace. Multiple users may have access to catalog items for a Personal Collection on Shared Shelf, but the target is set to only publish to one owner’s Artstor Workspace instance. Anytime that owner logs into the Artstor Workspace, they will see their Personal Collection, listed alongside any previously existing Personal Collections managed solely in Artstor. If items are intended for sharing with other users, the owner can create groups  on the Artstor Workspace and manage the visibility of their items on an item-by-item level.

Shared Shelf Commons

Shared Shelf Commons (SSC) is a freely accessible, open website. Your Shared Shelf content can be published here by checking the box when selecting destination targets. Any content published to Shared Shelf Commons is also searchable through the Artstor Workspace, so there’s no need to publish content to both spaces. You may choose to share your Shared Shelf Commons content with the Digital Public Library of America.


Omeka is an open source web publishing platform developed by George Mason University’s Roy Rozenzweig Center for History and New Media. For more information about the Omeka project, see the Omeka website. Publishing to an Omeka target allows your Shared Shelf content to be accessed through a fully customizable interface. Examples of our community’s Omeka collections can be found here.


Publishing to an OAI server will allow your collections to be harvested and integrated within other environments, such as institutional repositories and discovery systems. For more information about publishing to an OAI server, please contact