Release Notes

On this page… Version 1.5.3, October 2017 Version 1.5.2, September 2017 Version 1.5.1, August 2017 Version 1.5, June 2017 Version 1.4.1, May 2017 Version 1.4, March 2017 Version 1.3.1, October 2016 Version 1.3, August 2016 Version 1.2.3, June 2016 Version 1.2.2, March 2016 Version 1.2, November 2015 Version 1.1.1, February 2015 Version 1.1, December 2014 […]

Troubleshooting Tips

On this page… Clear the Browser Cache Enable Shockwave Flash Enable QuickTime for Safari Upload Issues Clear the Browser Cache Firefox (Windows): In the Firefox menu bar, go to Firefox > Options. Select the Privacy tab. Under History, click the ”clear recent history” link. In the next list, make sure Cache is selected, then click […]

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When you encounter an issue in Shared Shelf it is important to specify any conditions or behaviors you experienced with the site so our support staff can quickly assess and troubleshoot. We’ve put together this guide to help you efficiently report an issue for a faster resolution. Before you report an issue, search the support […]

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General Questions Email: Call: 1-877-771-4908 or 212-500-2402 Strategic Services Staff Karyn Anonia, Senior Implementation Manager Elizabeth Berenz, Senior Implementation Manager Caroline Caviness, Assistant Director of Strategic Services Xiaoli Ma, Metadata Specialist and Implementation Manager Megan Marler, Director of Strategic Services Hannah Marshall, Implementation Manager Erin McCall, Senior Implementation Manager Allison Smith, Senior Implementation and […]

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